Sometimes unintentional things happen. And sometimes they actually work.

I used to shoot square negatives. Back in the late seventies and through the eighties I used TLR cameras — a Yashicamat, a Ricoh Diacord, and a Mamiya C220 — with Verichrome Pan 120 film. I loved it, but I seldom printed a negative square. I never got comfortable with a square format.

Some of photos I’ve admired most over the years have been done in a 120 square format. Lately I’ve been playing with it more to try to overcome my aversion to it if possible. I’ll set my camera for a 1:1 image, either color or b/w, and have at it and see what comes of it. I was out this morning and took two quick shots with the sun at my back. I had no intention of doing a diptych or panorama, but when I looked at things later on I saw these and thought, ‘huh — I’m gonna try combining those just to see what happens’. So I did. And then I posted the results here.

4 thoughts on “serendipity

  1. Square format is one of the few things I miss about shooting film. My first was a Yashica Mat, soon followed by a Bronica S2A. My studio ran on Bronica SQs and Hasselblads.

    Square was, and is, an acquired taste. It can be frustrating. But when it works, it’s magic.
    p.s. Verichrome Pan was one of the most underrated films of the 20th century. Smooth as butter.


    1. Agreed. Square can be magic. The challenge for me is to fit my way of seeing into a square box. But I’m having fun playing with it.

      VP was amazing. A thick emulsion with incredible latitude, which is probably why it was the go to b/w film for 127 and 620 rolls used in Brownies and Argoflexes and the like (I used both as a kid). In the darkroom you could pull a range of tones out of it that was out of this world. In my opinion one of the great b/w films of all time.

      Thanks for your thoughts Bud.

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