6 thoughts on “untitled no. 91

  1. Are those cables twisting out of the rock in the far corner of the frame? Regardless of what they actually are, they give the impression of some sort of spider-like, or menacing alien-like creature crawling out from under the foundation, potentially upsetting everything. Given our current terrifying political climate, I thought you might be making a pointed commentary on the person who is currently occupying the oval office. That’s just my impression, though. I realize I could be completely wrong. Very compelling image. Thank you.


    1. There are a lot of cable remnants lying around out here by the aqueduct. That’s probably a piece, though to be honest I didn’t look that closely. No commentary intended. Thanks Kelly.

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      1. Interesting. Well, now we know where my head is this morning. I’m literally seeing things through a filter of fear. I should go meditate and hug my cats.


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