desert sculpture

paloverde – California | 8.2020

You may have noticed that I don’t have an active twitter account anymore. I deactivated it last night — I decided it’s time to leave twitter behind, time to get off the treadmill. I’ll do my thing over here. I have 30 days to change my mind and reactivate the account if I want to. After that I’d have to start over.

The desert may, at first glance, look barren and empty, but it’s far from it. I’m surrounded by a great variety of plant life. There’s the ocotillo. There’s the cholla and various other cacti. There’s ironwood. There’s creosote bush and indigo bush. The smoke tree, and paloverde like this one. All are easily recognizable, yet each individual is unique. They can be like living sculpture.

If I wanted to (and I do) I could take snapshots of these every day. I’d never exhaust the possibilities in the paloverde alone, let alone everything else. I could concentrate my efforts on these day after day and never take the same picture twice. I’d likely never get tired of doing them. You might get sick and tired of them but I wouldn’t. Cheers…

2 thoughts on “desert sculpture

  1. I have just returned from hospital so I was not aware you had ended your account. So sorry to hear that, but I do understand totally. It does, oddly,
    put quite a bit of pressure on one.

    I love this image, the sun flare insinuating itself on the left, not giving a care if you wanted definition there as though saying I determine everything
    in this landscape. I will keep looking forward greatly to your posts, finn. I prefer to call you finn. Hope you don’t mind.

    In the meantime. The desert will do its purifying and scouring the mind of detritus just as it has always done.

    Warm regards


    1. Thank you. Yes, finn works just fine, and I do hope all is well with you. This is where I’ll be hanging out, so stay tuned. I always appreciate your thoughts and insights Robynne. Take care.


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