words from Mark Klett

I am not much interested in discovering new territories to photograph. Instead, what I wish my pictures could do is lessen the distance one often feels when looking at landscape photographs… The longer I work, the more important it is to me to make photographs that tell my story as a participant, and not just an observer of the land.

Mark Klett

2 thoughts on “words from Mark Klett

  1. Perhaps in real, practical terms such a statement can only mean photographing landscape and elements of landscape wherein one has walked and lived for a long time. Familiarity at its most positive leads to intimacy and a belief in the uniqueness of one’s sightline. At it least positive, it hampers one’s attempt to see acutely.


  2. Interesting point. Like anything else there are different ways of working. Some are inspired by moving around and seeing different places, others by getting to know one place well. I agree with Klett here — after living here in this desert for a few years now, and getting to know it in all it’s extremes, I’m starting to be able to take pictures of it as someone who is a part of it rather than as someone who is passing through and just looking at it.

    Thanks for your thoughts Robynne…


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