4 thoughts on “wilderness

    1. Thank you Joe. To my mind kind of an odd combination of fence, post, sign and wilderness. Borders for framing a picture can be interesting to play with too – sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. In this case I think it did.


  1. Instructional signs preposterously situated, often on borders worthy of Pirandello, have always deeply perplexed me. Regardless how hard I try to understand the salaried activity that resulted in them, the more they remain enigmas, no greater example than the ‘wall’ BT and AT.

    Yours is a particularly poetic example.
    Robynne Limoges
    +44 (0)7946 293 582
    Twitter (@LimogesRobynne)


    1. Well, in this case the fence and signs mark the southern boundary of Joshua Tree NP. This part of the park is federally designated wilderness, hence the wire and signs along here. Helps keep dirt bikes and the like out.


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