FIMO camera with Aesthetic 400 film | 5.2020

Sometimes I drop any pretense of doing any ‘serious’ pictures, load up a Lomo camera or a leaky instant picture taker, and go out and play. Mostly I shoot from the hip and let the camera see things the way it wants to just to see what happens. About nine out of ten aren’t worth a second glance and are immediately dumped. A few though can be interesting enough to keep.

2 thoughts on “experiments

  1. Yes, a burning bush is usually an interesting subject, whether from the point of thinking of theologist or astronomer or the child whose view of the world is through the kick-up-dust of the car’s back window, who exclaims a miracle to parents who do not turn around.


    1. Indeed, and a profound observation. Young kids recognize and thrill to such miracles. Adults at some point decide they’re not important enough to turn around for. I’m old enough now to continue to resist growing up…


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