color abstract 1

color abstract no. 1

Here’s the first of a series of color abstracts done on my droid with a camera app that emulates a Lomo or lo-fi look. The Holga camera and the classic Diana camera are well known and popular instruments in the lomography world. This particular app mimics the look of the Diana 120 roll film camera.

I’ve long been attracted to the look and feel of these simplest of cameras. Much beautiful work is done with them once you learn to work with their limitations. Pure Lomography is done on film of course, but shooting film isn’t a viable option for me these days. It’s too costly to send films out for developing and scanning, and living in the desert like I do makes developing and printing my own nearly impossible. I stick with my phone.

These are all pretty much the way the camera sees them — minimal adjustments to brightness and contrast, slight desaturation to mute the colors a bit. No cropping, no blur or other manipulation or texturing. All are as found.

It’ll be an ongoing series — stop on by now and then to see how it’s coming along.

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